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Staff judge advocate army

Located in Taylor Hall, Buildingthe mission of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Fires Center of Excellence, is to provide commanders and their staff with accurate, proactive legal advice on all issues affecting the Army and the Joint Force, while continuing to deliver quality legal services to Soldiers, retirees, and their families. Within the OSJA, these responsibilities are divided among several different divisions.

Click division from directory below for more information. Telephone: Fax: DSN Services provided include soldier readiness activities for mobilization and deployment, negotiation and mediation, client counseling and representation, document preparation, notary public services, and referral to other military or civilian attorneys or other agencies or community organizations.

The mission of the Fort Sill Claims Office is to investigate, adjudicate, and settle claims filed both on behalf of the United States and against the United States. The Fort Sill Claims office processes, tort claims, affirmative claims, and Article claims arising in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Personnel claims arise from damage to or loss of personal property incident to service. These claims include damage to household goods during shipment, as well as claims for damage in on-post quarters caused by fire, flood, unusual occurrence, theft, or vandalism. Tort claims are claims arising out of personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage allegedly caused by the negligence of a government employee acting within the scope of his or her employment.

Tort Claims include both medical malpractice and some motor vehicle accidents. Affirmative claims include medical care recovery claims and property damage claims. For example, if a Servicemember or Family member is injured in a motor vehicle accident as a result of negligence and the government provides medical care, the Claims Office will make a demand for the cost of the medical care to the person responsible for the accident.

As another example, if an individual destroys a stop sign on post, the government will seek the cost of replacing the stop sign. Artilce UCMJ claims for the wrongful taking or willful destruction of property by a Servicemember are processed through the claims office. The Administrative and Civil Law division serves as the primary resource for commanders, assisting with interpretation of regulations, advice and counsel on investigations, and compliance with ethical standards.

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Administrative Law attorneys also advise boards and investigations, review separation actions, and provide general legal advice to the command. Civil Law attorneys provide advice and assistance on matters ranging from government contracting to environmental law. Civil Law attorneys also represent the United States Government in labor disputes. The mission of the Fort Sill Criminal Law Division is to provide support to Fort Sill commanders and directors in military justice matters.

This includes training commanders and soldiers in military justice, advising commanders as to disposition of soldier misconduct, preparation for and trying of all levels of courts-martial, administration of courts-martial cases pending appeal, and finalizing of courts-martial after appeal. The Criminal Law Division, through its trial counsel and brigade legal NCOs and specialists, provides a variety of training to Fort Sill units, including an initial military justice brief to incoming trainees, training of unit commanders and soldiers in military justice and law of war, and training of Field Artillery officers attending the FA Basic and Advanced courses.

The trial counsels advise commanders as to the legal sufficiency of evidence, recommend courses of action, and execute administrative separations and courts-martial when selected as a course of action by commanders. Courts-martial are held in the Honorable Patrick J. Hurley courtroom located in Taylor Hall. Once courts-martial are completed, the Criminal Law Division manages the case through the post-trial process.

The post-trial process involves approval of the court-martial sentence by the convening authority and record management while the case is being appealed to higher courts.

The U. TDS represents soldiers in courts-martial and separation proceedings, and provides other assistance as needed. Since its establishment as a separate organization inthe U. Army Trial Defense Service TDS has provided independent, competent, and ethical defense legal services to Soldiers worldwide whenever required by law or regulation or when authorized by the Judge Advocate General. TDS counsel, who are not supervised or rated by any commander on Fort Sill, represent Soldiers before courts-martial and administrative elimination or reduction boards and during criminal investigations, while counseling Soldiers regarding pre-trial restraint, non-judicial punishment, and many other adverse actions.

Mission Located in Taylor Hall, Buildingthe mission of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Fires Center of Excellence, is to provide commanders and their staff with accurate, proactive legal advice on all issues affecting the Army and the Joint Force, while continuing to deliver quality legal services to Soldiers, retirees, and their families. Claims Office. Military Justice. Trial Defense Service.The Legal Assistance Office will make every effort to provide limited legal assistance via email and telephone.

Urgent need notary, power of attorney, and affidavit services will be offered by appointment only on a case-by-case basis. Please provide the following information when requesting legal assistance:.

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We offer a broad range of services, including legal assistance, claims for damaged or destroyed household goods and automobiles and electronic filing of tax returns. Location: BuildingKatterbach Army Airfield. Hours of Operation: Mon. Closed U. Official Website. Request Ansbach Legal Assistance Appointment.

staff judge advocate army

Request Hohenfels Legal Assistance Appointment. Request Claims Appointment. Request Grafenwoehr Legal Assistance Appointment.

No walk-ins until further notice. Please contact the office by phone or email. Closed: U. Army Europe training holidays. Those facing investigations or have other criminal legal issues can come anytime on a walk-in basis.

Request Vilseck Legal Assistance Appointment. Due to fiscal constraints and manning shortages, U. Army Europe will not operate tax centers in As a result, free, face-to-face tax preparation and filing services will no longer be available on-post. There are, however, free online services available to active-duty service members.

Provide victims of sexual assault with confidential legal representation related to issues that may arise as a result of being sexually assaulted. Skip to main content Press Enter.

staff judge advocate army

Walk-In Services Closure. Bavaria Legal. Our Locations Throughout Bavaria. Location: Hohenfels, Bldg.

Office of The Staff Judge Advocate

Location: Bldg. Location: Rose Barracks, Bldg. What We Do.

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Special Victim's Counsel.Serve as the premier Center of Excellence for Army Reserve legal services and counsel throughout the force, which enables the US Army Reserve to conduct full spectrum operations. OSJA Services. Email Us! Army Reserve Legal Command page. Army JAG Corps page. Click HERE to learn more.

Requires CAC log-in.

staff judge advocate army

Skip to main content Press Enter. Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. Judge Advocates practice in the US, overseas, and in deployed environments. Where will you be in your first four years?

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Ural Glanville. In his 11 years as a superior court judge, Glanville has presided over some very high profile cases. Learn more about Brig. ALD provides technical advice to Geographic and Functional command legal teams on all administrative law matters and coordinates with OCAR in the development and issuance of Army Reserve military personnel policies and incentive programs.

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Contract and Fiscal Law. In particular, this Division provides advice or technical support to USARC leaders, staff, and subordinate command ethics counselors on the full range of ethics issues, including conflicts of interest, interactions with non-federal entities, use of government resources, travel, gifts, and post-government employment.

Military Law. The Military Law Division MLD serves as the highest level of review for all officer separation and elimination cases in the Army Reserve before final action is taken by the U. MLD provides critical technical advice to Geographic and Functional command legal teams on all military justice actions.

National Security Law.Left hand Navigation. The information displayed on this web site is meant for the sole use of active duty service members, retirees, their families, and other personnel eligible for legal assistance from the Fort Benning Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.

The information is general in nature and presented to assist those eligible persons prepare for a legal assistance appointment with a professional in the legal office. Rights and responsibilities vary widely according to the particular set of circumstances in each case.

Laws can vary across states, services, and civilian jurisdictions and laws are changed from time to time. This web site and all links have been produced for general informational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. It should not be used as a substitute for specific legal advice from an attorney. Any links provided are only for the convenience of the user and are not endorsed by the Army. Javascript is required for this site work properly.

MCoE Home. Attorneys are still assisting clients telephonically and by e-mail, but our Legal Assistance Division will provide in-person notary services and powers of attorney.

Please wear a mask, bring your own pen and please help us maintain distances of six feet or more. If the Legal Assistance waiting room is filled to capacity, we will not be able to admit clients until other clients depart.Serves as legal advisor to the CG, staff, and subordinate commanders.

Supervises preparation of legal opinions and command guidance; promulgates command directives and implements guidance of higher authority; supervises and, as appropriate, provides training and instruction; and prepares and submits reports to HQDA and other agencies, as required. Acts as the USARJ Representative on the subcommittee dealing with criminal and civil jurisdiction, MLC issues and contract disputes, and contract conciliation and acquisition of facilities.

Represents and protects U. Provides legal support, as requested or required, to Army personnel in the Pacific to include Thailand and Taiwan not specifically assigned to another General Court-Martial GCM jurisdiction. Provides legal guidance relative to personal and civil matters, claims, U.

Supervises the administration of U. Performs administrative control of correspondence and provides guidance in the interpretation of administrative directives and procedures concerning U.

Skip to main content Press Enter. Home : Staff : Staff Judge Advocate. Ensures the continuing legal education and training of the SJA staff. Serves as the Ethics Counselor for the command.Americans driving in Europe should be aware of lower legal limits for drunk and impaired driving.

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As always, the best advice is not to drive if you have consumed alcohol. Most countries in Europe have a lower legal limit for drunk driving than American standards. In many countries, including Germany, the legal blood alcohol level for operating a motor vehicle is. Under this program, the Army sends active duty commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers to law school at government expense. Selected personnel will remain on active duty while attending law school.

Interested personnel should review Chapter 10 of Army Regulation to determine eligibility. Our mission is to provide professional, ethical, accurate, and timely legal support to the commanders, soldiers, family members, and qualified civilian employees of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command.

In addition:. You may grant a general power of attorney allows your agent to act on all mattersa special power of attorney allows your agent to act only on those matters you listedor a health care power of attorney allows your agent to make decisions concerning your care.

Your estate includes everything you own when you die e. A will is part of your estate plan. If you own some of your property jointly with right of survivorship, that is part of your estate plan. Other estate planning documents include advance medical directives and health care powers of attorney.

A will also allow you to name a guardian for your minor children. If you die intestate i. We do not advise clients on private commercial business activities, employment-related matters, or lawsuits or claims against the United States Government.

We do not normally make appearances in civilian courts on behalf of a client. Your attorney must know all the facts, favorable or unfavorable. An attorney must keep all information confidential unless you, the client, give the attorney permission to disclose information to a third party.

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